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Combine quality, comfort and style with a wheelchair elevating platform

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Do you need help getting up and down stairs? Stairlifts Access makes it easy to install a stairlift in your home.

Stairlifts allow you to relax in a comfortable seat that lifts you up using the railing. These are the top stairlift companies.

As a solution to stair climbing when your mobility is limited by arthritis, disability, accident, illness, or age, stairlifts are also known as chairlifts. Instead of moving to a bungalow, or confining yourself on one floor of your home, choose your stair solution.


You live a better life when you are able to enjoy the things that you love. Why wait to see if a homelift or stair chair lift could make your life easier?

You might find it difficult to get up in the morning and walk down the stairs. Perhaps you find it harder to climb the stairs when you have piles of laundry. These difficulties can eventually limit your ability to do the things you love and reduce your quality of living.

You aren’t the only one struggling with stairs. Our customers often struggle with the stairs for long periods, worried about moving home or the logistics of installing before finally giving us a call.


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Chair Stair Lift Solutions Dublin

Domestic stairlifts attach directly to your stairs, not the wall. This allows for an easy and clean installation that does not require any modification to your walls.

Additionally, installation of your stairlift can take only a few hours. It is not as disruptive as you might think. Our engineers are skilled in fast and efficient work to minimize disruption and inconvenience.

Our compact lifts are self-supporting and require no structural work. Installation takes only a few days. Our larger executive homelifts are able to be installed in any home regardless of its height.

Installations that are hassle-free and independent to ensure your independence. We make it easy to install a homelift or stairs. Stairlifts are designed to fit on the treads of stairs. They can be installed in a matter of days with minimal structural work.


thyssen levant track

Straight Stair Chair Lift Track

Track is fitted to the stairs

A curved stairlift is required if your staircase curves or turns. After a thorough inspection of your staircase, the following curved stairslifts can be ordered.

To get safely off the stairs at the top, you will need to turn the seat. Two options are available:

Two remote controls are included with all stairlifts – one for upstairs, and one for downstairs. You can move your stairlift by using this remote control without having to sit on it.

We can install a hinged track on some houses that have a door at the bottom of the stairs. There are two types of hinged tracks available.

A slide track can be added to straight stairlifts. As the seat moves up and down the stairs at the same speed, you don’t need a hinged track.

Many people believe that stairlifts can be installed on the wall. The stairlift will be installed on top of the staircase. Technical surveyors will determine which side of the staircase is most suitable for the stairlift to install.

It will usually take between 2 and 3 hours if the stairs are straight. It will take you half an hour if the stairs are curved.


There are many options for keeping you safe and independent at home, including reconditioned, straight and curved stairlifts.

You will be informed throughout the entire process and in full control of it. The qualified mobility advisors are available to answer any questions you might have, from the first visit at home to the installation.

reconditioned thyssen levant

Swivel Seat For Easier Disembarking

Straight stairlifts are the simplest way to get straight stairs. They attach a single rail to your staircase. The unique, slimline design of the Straight stairlift allows for plenty of space for your family members to use the stairs. Your stairlift will be installed precisely to your staircase thanks to the attention to detail.

Receive a weekly friendship call for free. Our volunteers will match you up with you. We offer a flexible service to meet the needs of all participants.

Although it may seem small to others, the joy of climbing and descending your stairs whenever you want is a key part of being independent and safe.

A trained technical surveyor will visit your home to measure and explain your staircase options. He or she will also provide a written price quote and a price match guarantee. It’s not a hard sell or obligation. Just a brief explanation of your options.

There are three options for straight staircases. The Simplicity stairlift can be used for narrow staircases. It is also cost-effective and has a variety of extra features.

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