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Second Hand Stair Lifts

Reconditioned & Refurbished Stairlifts

If you have a curved staircase then getting a new curved stairlift can cost an awful lot of money.
If you don’t qualify for the grant forking out €6,000 + for a new curved stairlift is just not an option for some families. There is a much cheaper option and that is going for a reconditioned curved stairlift.
In some cases this can result in a savings of over €4,000.

There are many second hand stairlifts for sale on third party website where people are trying to sell there unused stairlifts privately: Done Deal, Adverts, Gumtree etc…These stairlifts may be in perfect working order but here are a few factors to consider before buying privately:

Buying a Second Hand Stair Lift Privately – Things To Consider

1. How will you safely install the stair lift? And all the factors that come with that.
2. How will you know if the stairlift is in good working condition? Does it have afull service history?
3. If the stairlift needs maintainence or a battery replacement?
4. Will the stairlift track fit your staircase (this is extremely rare for curved stairlifts)?
5. Do you have the time to dedicate a whole weekend trying to figure out how to install your first stairlift from scratch?
6. Is the stairlift you plan to buy second hand (privately) have the wall on the same side as where you’re going to install it?

We are Second Hand Stairlift Specialists

We can source and install secondhand stairlifts for your home. Our most common question is how much is stairlift? We are here to help you get the best deal by finding suitable used stairlifts. We recondition them put them through a rigorous 50 point factory check to ensurer they are in perfect working order and safe to be used in your home.

We remove all the hassle and stress of trying to install one yourselves and can have a second hand stairlift installed in your home in a few hours. This provides a reasonable alternative option to many families that are looking to save a significant amount of money when getting a stairlift installed.

If you have any enquiries about second hand stairlifts or our reconditioned options give us a call and we would be happy to pass along any advice we have and guide you in the right direction in getting a stairlift for your home without breaking the bank.

If you have a stairlift in your home and want to get rid of it don’t dump it just yet. Give us a call and send photos of it including the location and well as the make and model to the following email address: [email protected].


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